How many people have food allergies?

How many people have food allergies?

While few studies have been conducted in New Zealand, but studies in England have
found that one in five have some level of food sensitivity.

For 2% of the population, their allergy is potentially life threatening.

There is also evidence that the rates of food allergies globally has risen significantly
in the last decade, and in some areas, such as allergies to peanuts the rate has risen

Food allergies affect up to 10% of infants in New Zealand, with milk, eggs and
peanuts being the main foods involved. Most children outgrow their allergies,
particularly allergies to soy and wheat. However, allergies to peanuts, tree-nuts, fish
and shellfish tend to be life-long

The number of people with conditions such as coeliac disease, lactose intolerance, and
egg and nut allergies also continues to grow.

For people with a food allergy going to a restaurant is not an easy matter, particularly
when in different countries where the food can be unfamiliar.

Interactive apps, such as Allergy Rate, are helping people with allergies dine out
safely, no matter where they are, and allow allergy sufferers to take control of their

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