What is Allergy Rate?

Allergy Rate

Is a user-friendly app which allows you to rate restaurants and cafes according to how responsive they are to the needs of people suffering from allergies.

Allergy Rate App Allows You To:

  • Find restaurants and cafes in your area
  • Rate, review and recommend restaurants and cafes
  • Follow other users' reviews and rates
  • Follow a trending/activity feed, which includes restaurants and cafes in your area
  • Gives you the ability to recommend restaurants and cafes to other allergy sufferers

Allergy Rate is Designed to be Easy to Use:

  • Find restaurants and cafes in your area
  • Enter the restaurant’s name
  • Click the AllergyRate me button, which takes you to a review page
  • You will be invited to sign in, or to log in if you’ve already joined Allergy Rate
  • You can then rate the restaurant and café, and have the option of answering questions about the menu, service, etc
  • You will also be able to write a review in the text box
  • Plus you have the option to upload photos

Allergy Rate is an app by people with allergies, for people with allergies. It is the chance to be part of a wider community and to help others have a safe and enjoyable dining experience!